Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Saturday on Beale St

Kings of Leon
        I would definitely have to say that music is a very big part of my life. You can always find something to fit any kind of mood you're in. Sometimes if the right song comes on it just seems to put you in a better mood. Everybody has sang their favorite song in the shower getting ready for the day. I'm sure you have also been driving down the road singing as loud as you can with the music blasting to one of your favorites. I know you have looked over before to see the person in the car next to you singing their heart out. Music has just become very therapeutic to me these days. I will never forget the very first rock song that I heard when I was younger. I was at my dads shop and I rode to the store with Bill who worked with my dad. He turned on the car and I heard Aerosmith for the first time. The song was Janie's got a gun. It was released in 1989 so I was about five or six years old when I heard it. That was the beginning of my love for rock 'n roll.

I was on Beale St this past Saturday to see one of my new favorite bands the Kings of Leon. Before the concert started at eight o'clock that night I spent the day listening to other music at some great places. My first stop was the BB King club. Memphis is famous for blues music and BB King is one of the great blues musicians. There was a wonderful woman singing and a very old man playing bass. It was a wonderful time. I was sitting beside the stage and there was an open floor in front of it. I decided after a couple songs I needed to loosen up and I rolled in front of the stage to dance. Yes people I can still move it a little bit in my chair. I moved my chair back and forth to get a little knees swinging. And I moved my upper body to the music. I felt that set the tone for the night. I then left after the band was done and actually ran into the lady singing on the street. She told me that I had some good moves. We went a few other places and finally enjoyed a meal at Hooters. I only went there for the food people ha ha.

I then headed on to the concert in perfect time. Kings of Leon finally came out and they put on an awesome show. They sound just as good or even better live as they do on a CD. I'm sure everyone knows them for their song Use Somebody. If that is the only song you have heard and you like it I recommend you check out some more of their songs. They have a different sound which is one of the things that I love about the group. We also had a little entertainment to the right side of us that I have to share. This will also explain the picture. An older couple to the right of us were passed out while Kings of Leon was blasting. I had really good seats and the music was so loud. Everyone around us started to notice this couple and we were all laughing.
So to sum everything up the night was great. It was full of music and fun. And this couple also helped add a few extra laughs to the night. Now that's funny right there I don't care who you are!


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  2. Love this blog!! I am so happy that you got out and had a good time. I can see you now, dancing in your chair :)I hope u get many more nights like this. I can also relate to the music thing. I also love all music and have been caught several times singing my heart out in the car, lol. Cant wait to read ur next blog, keep up the good work! ~Shenna Griffith

  3. So glad to hear you guys had such a great time! I hope to join you on your birthday and we will go to Blues Alley, my all time favorite place to go on Beale St.! But only if you promise me a dance!! :) - Katherine

  4. Man we had a blast, soon to happen again but we need to get home before 5am...